Announcing: This is My Body

It’s been kind of quiet around this blog recently, folks! You know why?This is My Body-800x600pixels

I wrote a book.

To be more accurate, I registered for the 2016 Festival of Faith and Writing, blindly pitched into a Submittable portal, was floored to have an editor from Upper Room Books contact me, was even more floored when that blossomed into a book contract, and then spent a year writing in agonizing fits and starts and frenetic bursts over weekends.

Then my wonderful editor, Joanna, and a few others waded into the messy product with me to rework it into something that might serve.

I’ve been saved by books before. I’ve been found by books before. And all I can hope for this work is that it might provide some small safety, some small place of being found, for those who choose to spend some of their time sitting with my story.

It’s a story about bodies and blood and babies and boobs and Jesus and what happens when we start to listen to women, and to the new ways God is moving in the world.

This is My Body: Embracing the Messiness of Faith & Motherhood will launch May 1, 2018 and is available for pre-order now through your favorite online seller.

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