Five Minute Friday: Release

“Send the shoulders down the back body and release.”hand-pump-427770_640

This gently spoken command from my at-home yoga companion, Adriene Mishler, always serves to remind me that I tend to move through life with my shoulder tips pressed almost all the way up to my ears. And every time I remember to let go, I find space I didn’t know existed.

Writing seems to be the same way – I am a word hoarder. I write notes rather than paragraphs, paragraphs rather than posts. Somewhere I seem to believe that the vein I’m mining will run dry, so I must only tap into it sporadically. But I know, intellectually, that the opposite is true: the well doesn’t run dry, there’s always more, the work is enough, and we never stop belonging to each other.

Releasing the tension & fear, releasing some words to the world, all require me to act on a truth I’m not ready to believe:

There will always be enough.

So release, release, release. We’re not going to run out of room. The well keeps running. There’s more space than we think, and we’re allowed to stretch into it.

Five Minute Friday is a great writing community! Follow along, find the prompts, and jump into the party at #fmfparty on Twitter.

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