The Mothers at the Border are Named Jocheved

I’m thankful today for Evangelicals for Social Action and the chance to raise my voice. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

“Some of us have forgotten the story, or perhaps we never heard it. In Exodus 1:15-2:10, Pharaoh ordered that Hebrew boy-children should be slaughtered by the midwives at their birth.

Before we go any further, let us get one thing crystal clear: Pharaoh didn’t give this decree because he categorically hated baby boys. He gave this decree because he loved his life, his wealth, his power, his privilege so much that he would do anything to preserve it—and extend it. Pharaoh’s family and colleagues loved their lifestyle, wealth, power and privilege so much that they were willing to ignore what was being done in their name in order to maintain it.

The Egyptians in Exodus didn’t hate babies—they just loved their lives. And Pharaoh wanted his legacy and his children to be secure. He regarded the Hebrew slaves’ lives as worth less than those he loved. So, in this equation, genocide isn’t a deterrent. It’s an investment in the future prosperity of a nation.

…Except our Scriptures tell us that this is not the prevailing story. The women say, “No.”

…When we see Moses in the reed basket, we are seeing the children at the border. When we read of mothers whose nursing children were ripped away from their breast, we must hear the cries of Jocheved. They are one and the same. And we are cannot separate ourselves from them.

For all God’s children on the US side of the border, we must name ourselves among Moses’ deliverers. We must take our cues from Shiphrah, Puah, and Pharaoh’s daughter. The story of Moses and Pharaoh is unfolding before us. Before Moses was the Deliverer, he was Moses the Delivered—before he faced Pharaoh, he was rescued from him.”

You can read the full piece here. 

To take action protecting children and families at the border, please consider joining a protest on June 30th, contacting your representatives and asking them to support the Keep Families Together Act (Bill S3036), or donating to this group of organizations doing work on the ground.

The threads feel thin, I know, but we have to hold on, and do all we can – however small it may feel. These babies are floating right to us, and we know what we must do.

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