Body Theology Roundup: Wild Goose 2018

This week I’m headed to the 2018 Wild Goose Festival!

I’ve wanted to go for the past few years but never had the means to make it work. This year, though, the opportunity arose for me to present a session based on This Is My Body and join my fellow Upper Room authors at the Fest. 

My session will focus on leading those gathered through a service of Re-memberance and Reclamation where we’ll serve one another with bread, cup, basin, pitcher, & towel – all symbols of Christian calling and work.

We’ll reclaim our bodies with temporary tattoos reading “this is my body,” applying them to the parts of ourselves we struggle to love, or asking a neighbor to apply them for us as an act of being loved. It’s a vision I first had when writing the final chapter of my book, and I’m excited to see what will happen!

To my utter delight, there is a LOT of body theology happening at Wild Goose this year – more than any one person could see without a timeturner. But if you’re going to be there, or if you’re looking for folks to read or follow, be sure to check out these sessions and presenters! Sessions marked with a * are offered multiple times through the festival.

NOTE: This is by no means a comprehensive list, but I’ve spent a few hours reviewing the festival schedule and session descriptions. If you’re interested in body theology from a variety of perspectives, I believe you’ll find it in these sessions! If you see a session that should be added, please don’t hesitate to let me know via email, Twitter or Instagram, all linked just to the right of this post.

I’ve also included these as handy graphics (below) – save on your phone to consult when cell service disappears at the Festival!

I hope to see you there! Be sure to say hi – like my father, grandfather, and son, I’ll talk to absolutely anybody 🙂

Friday, July 13th

8 am:
Reconciliation Yoga: A Refreshing Approach to Body Prayer @ Landing

10 am:
Yoga, Spirituality, Religion & Modern Life @ Healing Arts

11 am:
Hub of the Wheel: Disability, Spirituality & Justice @ Workshop A Conversation on the Transgender Spiritual Experience @ Convo Hall 9
*Guided Meditation Break @ Chapel

12 pm:
*Vibrating Godness & The Walking Wounded @ Convo Hall 3

This is My Body: Embracing God Through Re-Membering Ourselves @ Healing Arts
*Sex & Intimate Justice @ Convo Hall

Faith in a Fat Body @ Portal
Body Theology: Liberate! @ Studio

Trauma Sensitive Yoga @ Healing Arts

God is the Fact that…Living to Die: Mortality & Faith @ Workshop

*Talk, Talk, Talking About Mental Health @ Convo Hall 8

This is My Body: A Wild & Holy Late Night Communion @ Cafe

Saturday, July 14th:

10 am:
*Talk, Talk, Talking About Mental Health @ Convo Hall 8
Unstuck: Sex & Intimate Justice @ GooseCast
Sacred Womanist Resistance

11 am:
Vibrating Godness & The Walking Wounded

1 pm:
Sacred & Profane: Bending the Binaries of Faith @ GooseCast

3 pm:
M-Bodied Beauty: A Body Image Workshop @ Portal
Sex & Intimate Justice @ Convo Hall
Embodied Grace: Queer & Straight Perspectives on Sex Positive Christianity @ Workshop

4 pm:
Exploring Breath Prayer @ Healing Arts
Decolonize, Heal, Reclaim @ Workshop

She is Called: A Conversation for Women Who Lead @ Greater Things

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