The Mothers at the Border are Named Jocheved

I'm thankful today for Evangelicals for Social Action and the chance to raise my voice. Here's an excerpt from the piece: "Some of us have forgotten the story, or perhaps we never heard it. In Exodus 1:15-2:10, Pharaoh ordered that Hebrew boy-children should be slaughtered by the midwives at their birth. Before we go any further, … Continue reading The Mothers at the Border are Named Jocheved

Festival of Faith & Writing: More than Enough

Doing this festival exactly like 2016 would've been enough. But this was more, is more, will be more. It demands more of me, and calls me to pull more people whose voices were not heard at this Festival into the work and demand they be heard in the future. Thank God nothing ever happens the same way twice.

What Mary Knew

"If we're going to ask Mary loud and emotional questions, we must listen to her answers. We must treat her like a person. When you do, I promise she will deliver, with greater power than we’re ready for. She will answer loudly and emotionally. In all her raw and revolutionary power. She will give you permission to break out of your boxes, deny those who would belittle you, and put wild hope and trust in the God we strive to serve. And, after all, it’s great practice for listening to women and treating them like people, too."