What Mary Knew

"If we're going to ask Mary loud and emotional questions, we must listen to her answers. We must treat her like a person. When you do, I promise she will deliver, with greater power than we’re ready for. She will answer loudly and emotionally. In all her raw and revolutionary power. She will give you permission to break out of your boxes, deny those who would belittle you, and put wild hope and trust in the God we strive to serve. And, after all, it’s great practice for listening to women and treating them like people, too."

Murmuration: My Hope for the Women’s March

It is Inauguration Day. Or, as I have been prone to think of it, the eve of the Women’s March. Like all big movements, we haven’t gotten here smoothly or quietly. In fact, I’d guess that the people I’ll be marching with tomorrow would rather they didn’t feel compelled to be there. After all, if … Continue reading Murmuration: My Hope for the Women’s March

The Other Sister: A Christmas Tradition

This story was told live for Second Tuesdays St. Louis, a monthly storytelling gathering.  It is December 1992. You are in your favorite acid-wash jeans and flannel-lined denim jacket. You are also in some ridiculous hat that your mother insisted upon, probably some cast off from your older brother. You are seated on the tailgate … Continue reading The Other Sister: A Christmas Tradition

A Table in the Presence of My Enemies

I learned something yesterday. I shared my table with a few beloved friends over the course of the day. And, like so many of us these days, we all had some really difficult and bizarre things hanging off our shoulders - some little and annoying, some bigger and heavier. I tidied the house, forgave the … Continue reading A Table in the Presence of My Enemies